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Nicotine Free Options

There are many nicotine free options available to win your fight against tobacco.

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Nicotine Replacement

Whats the best way to quit? Find the most helpful tools in the fight against tobacco.

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Instant Hypnosis Downloads

Break the psychological habit with the best hypnosis methods available. Instant downloads available.

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Electronic Cigarette Facts

Many people think e-cigs can help them quit smoking. Learn the facts about e-cigs here.

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The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke

Mother smoking a tobacco cigarette near her child

Did You Know… Many of us know that second-hand smoke is a big problem that needs to be addressed. While it hurts everyone, children are actually the ones who suffer the most from the effects of second-hand smoke. In this article, we’re going to explore just a few of the negative effects that second-hand smoke […]

The Top Reasons To Quit Smoking Now!

lung cancer from smoking

NO BUTTS – WHY QUITTING SMOKING NOW IS SO IMPORTANT. In today’s modern, health-conscious society, one would think that it wouldn’t be necessary or needed to remind people of the numerous evils of smoking. With all of the runners, walkers, and bikers, plentiful diets, and focus on cutting fats, sugars, and abstaining from eating GMO […]

Nicotine Cravings: How To Embrace Them

Nicotine cravings

To put it bluntly, you can’t avoid having cravings for nicotine even after you have successfully stopped smoking. Nicotine is a potent agent that works on the reward and pleasure receptors of the brain. If you have been a smoker, your mind will always remember the quick relief it got from smoking when under stress. […]

7 Alternative Methods To Quit Smoking Now.

best ways to stop smoking with alternative methods

If it is time for you to quit smoking, then you may be exploring all your options for therapies and aids to help make the process as painless as possible. There are traditional methods of quitting smoking that involve nicotine replacements therapies and medication, but there are also many alternative methods to stop smoking that people find […]

The History Of The Electronic Cigarette

The History of e-cigs

E-Cigs: Where It All Began. By now, we’ve all heard of electronic cigarettes and what a difference they have made in the lives of those choosing to live tobacco free. But did you know that the original idea for e-cigs came about in the 1960’s? Back in the 60’s, they were beginning to take notice […]

Why Light Up? The Top Reasons People Smoke.

Why we smoke: The top reasons we start

So, Why Do People Start Smoking? Very few smokers begin after the age of eighteen. Most smokers start in their early or mid-teens. Often, people don’t consider the dangers of smoking and the possibility that it will develop from a pastime to an addiction. The truth is that one can become addicted to nicotine within a […]

6 Things To Expect When You Quit Smoking.

The best time to stop smoking is now.

The good news is that by taking the step to quit smoking you are on your way to improving your health and your life. The bad news is that you have to get through the first few weeks of withdrawal, and then build new habits to make sure you don’t go back to smoking. Nicotine […]

Quit Smoking Now: The 4 Keys To Success

Quit smoking with these top tips

Quitting smoking is one of those things that many people attempt, but few have success with on a long term basis the first time. Theories abound about why it is so hard to quit, but most scientists are in agreement that the most important part of quitting is to stop using tobacco products altogether while […]