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Hard Foul – Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

stop smoking

It is considered to be by far the most difficult method of quitting smoking. Regardless, many smokers prefer to use the cold-turkey strategy to quit smoking. To quit smoking cold turkey means giving up smoking all at once without the assistance of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or any other drugs or treatment methods. A number […]

Nicotine cravings and how to embrace them

Nicotine cravings

To put it bluntly, you can’t avoid having cravings for nicotine even after you have successfully stopped smoking. Nicotine is a powerful agent that works on the reward and pleasure receptors of the brain. If you have been a smoker, your brain will always remember the cheap relief it got from smoking when under pain […]

Nicotine replacement therapy – what are your op...

The top e-cig and liquids flavors on the market

When it is time for you to stop smoking, there are often more options for nicotine replacement therapy than you realize. It isn’t always as simple as putting on the patch or using an e-cig, some things work better for people than others. What you need to do is educate yourself so you know what […]

The Best Alternative Methods To Quit Smoking

The Best Alternative Methods To Quit Smoking

If it is time for you to quit smoking then you may be exploring all your options for therapies and aids to help make the process as painless as possible. There are traditional methods of quitting smoking that involve nicotine replacements and medication therapies, but there are also many alternative methods to quit smoking that […]

E-cigs and Quitting: What You Should Know.

e-cigs may help you quit.

If you want to quit smoking then you may be surprised to find out the high success rate people are finding with the use of e-cigs as their nicotine replacement therapy. While the jury is still our about the long-term safety of vaping, the clinical trials all agree that vaping does not cause the same […]

A Terminal Habit – Top Diseases Resulting From ...

illnesses you can expect from smoking tobacco cigarettes

There are numerous facts about what smoking cigarettes can do to the body. The number of diseases that are caused or worsened is staggering. The following is a general overview of diseases and health hazard posed by smoking. Smoking harms almost every body organ. It causes a long list of diseases and always negatively affects […]

Why e-cigs are the best resource for helping ag...

E-cigs are successful quit smoking tools

In several surprise findings, studies are reporting that people are having stellar rates of success using e-cigs to quit smoking. There are many reasons why e-cigs are the best resource for helping against smoking – and much of it has to do with the form it uses to deliver nicotine – and what you aren’t […]

Learning To Kick – The Difficulty Of Quitting S...

The best way to get something done is to begin. Futuristic motivational background. Chalk text written on a piece of glass.

Despite all of the evidence of the associated risks, many people continue to smoke.  The logic behind quitting is clear and compelling. Quitting smoking improves health and prolongs life, not only for the smoker, but for those who are constantly around the smoker. Even so, quitting is very difficult. It is important to understand the psychological […]

Best ways to quit smoking – what really helps y...

quit smoking today

The best ways to quit smoking all involve the same four critical elements – support, reasons, lifestyle changes, and nicotine replacement therapies. The only one that will be custom to you is the last. Finding out which of the nicotine replacement options work for you may be a matter of trial and error. The first […]