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Does Cutting Down on Quit Smoking?

When you are trying to quit smoking the first thing you probably think of to do is cut back on your nicotine intake. Most people have a difficult time quitting cold turkey, so this sounds like the most appealing option of the two. But there is still one lingering question does it work? Well, cutting back is definitely not a bad thing to do because …

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The Truth about Tobacco Harm Reduction

Tobacco harm reduction is a public health strategy to eliminate the risks associated with the use of nicotine and tobacco. One of the most important parts to tobacco harm reduction is educating others regarding the risks that come with nicotine. Smoke Less or Quit Smoking To assist with the process of tobacco harm reduction, smokers can do everyone a great service by cutting back on …

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How To Quit Smoking The Old Fashioned Way

For many the idea of turning to supplements such as electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches or other such things is a real deterrent. For these people, the best option is simply to quit cold-turkey using nothing but good old fashioned willpower. Here are some tips on how to help you quit without the use of external supplements. Stay Hydrated Water isn’t a supplement, but it can …

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Tips For Finding The Best E-cig

Many smokers mistakenly believe that individual e-cig companies manufacture their own electronic cigarettes but the truth is, the majority of these products are made by less than a handful of manufacturers located in China. Even though the main production is occurring in China, many other companies are currently doing their own research and development in this area. The e-cig is an innovative product and hundreds …

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5 Ways To Quit Smoking

When you comes to quit smoking there are many ways to quit smoking . If you’re among the many who are trying to quit smoking you can try one of these five methods to help stay motivated and quit smoking. Hypnosis A hypnotherapist will help their patient to stop smoking by insert  their thoughts into the subconscious that the smoker can quit. They will have …