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3 Reasons Why Quitting Smoking Is Essential Now

Many people unpleasantly doesn’t know the ill effects of smoking. They still continue to smoke, choke and cough horribly and waste their money on cigarettes. It is a worst part, they are creating serious health issues for themselves.

If they are smoking continuously, it doesn’t give any benefit to their health . The truth of the matter is, the sooner you quit, the sooner you’re going to be feeling better. There are 3 main reasons that quitting smoking now is  essential for daily life.

Reason One: Your Health

Every time you light up a cigarette you begin to cough and choke. Your body is trying to reject that smoke that you’re putting into your lungs. Over the course of time you’re going to suffer from symptoms consist of  asthma, emphysema and other lung conditions. After consulting your doctor, he will suggest you to take inhaler and many of steroids. By using, steroids your face turns to puffy and it cause you to gain weight.

It’s a cruel thing . A lot of women try smoking to help curb their appetite but it doesn’t really do that, it only puts something into their lungs that over the course of time which causes them to gain weight. You’ll have breathing issues and other health related issues and you’ll get a lot of wrinkles when you smoke from the action of forming your lips into an “O” around the cigarette. There are a lot of long term negative health effects from smoking.

Reason Two: Your Budget

In the 1970s the branded cigarettes cost $0.25. That’s right, a quarter. But today for the same brand of cigarettes, you’re paying upwards of $10. Even with inflation that’s a huge jump in price over the last 40 some years. A quantity of one of the more popular breads in the 1970s was also $0.25. Today that same brand quantity of bread is about $2.50 per loaf. You get the picture, you’re cigarettes are costing you have a luck .

Consider how many things you can buy to eat for $10. Even if you stuck to the budget brands you could have a dinner for 4 on about $10. Cigarettes are very expensive and you are literally pouring the money out when you are buying them.

Take a moment and list out all of the things that the cost of one pack of your brand of cigarettes could buy for you and your family.

Reason Three: Health And Car Insurance

Another thing that adds up is the cost of your health and car insurance. That’s right, some insurance policies actually have higher premiums for smokers. If you don’t smoke, you’re not going to get these surcharges on your insurance premium. This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your insurance every year.

It’s vital to consider that you have many reasons to quit smoking. Not only your health and your wallet, but also your insurance premiums. You’ll be able to avoid long term negative health effects by quitting now and you’ll save a lot of money. Just looking at the comparison to a quantity of bread in the 70s being the same price as a pack of cigarettes and comparing the two to today’s market prices is shocking . It’s vital to quit now before you’re flat broke and die form a lung disease that is miserable at the very least to deal with. Smoking can cost you in more ways than simply spending the money on those cigarettes.

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