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5 Ways To Quit Smoking

When you comes to quit smoking there are many ways to quit smoking . If you’re among the many who are trying to quit smoking you can try one of these five methods to help stay motivated and quit smoking.


A hypnotherapist will help their patient to stop smoking by insert  their thoughts into the subconscious that the smoker can quit. They will have a few sessions and help the smoker to feel empowered to quit smoking and become a nonsmoker.

By helping to improve their  thought process the hypnotherapist will help the smoker to feel like they don’t want to smoke and eventually stop smoking.

Cold Turkey

The term cold turkey means that the person simply stops without any medical assistance or other means of support. The person will simply stop smoking. While the first few days may be a great strain , it’s not as bad as some think and it does work if the person is determined to quit and sticks to their plan.

Many people make choice from many possibilities to go this route out of financial need (they need the money for something else) or because they simply can’t afford other methods. Regardless, it’s probably the most economical way if a person can handle the withdrawal and is determined to succeed.

Nicotine Patches

The ingredient in cigarettes that people become addicted to is called nicotine. This nicotine can be diminish down by using a nicotine patch. These are available over the counter at many drug stores and supermarket pharmacies. Doctors can also prescribe a stronger form of the patch for those who need something a bit stronger to quit.

Most patches use a step down approach. The first few patches are stronger and they gradually diminish down to a milder form of nicotine until the person doesn’t need a patch at all. This method works as long as the person remembers to not smoke while using the patch, otherwise they will be getting a double dose of nicotine.

Nicotine Gum

There are a variety of nicotine gums that are available on the market today. These gums will be used instead of cigarettes. They are simple to use and will help get the smoker through those strong days of quitting however, it’s important to note that the person is still consuming nicotine. Thus it should be cautioned that the person may wish to taper off slowly and work toward not chewing the gum either.


Doctors can prescribe medications that will help a person to stop smoking. There are several different kinds including some that are also anti-depressants. Doctors will also suggest support groups and other forms of therapy to help a person in stopping smoking.

If you’re trying to stop smoking, stay positive. The benefits far more sufficient of   the few days of discomfort that you may suffer. You’ll be breathing better, have lower blood pressure, improved circulation and feeling more energetic within days of stopping smoking.

Within 24 hours you’ll be less likely to have a heart attack. Within two days you’ll be able to taste your food and smell much easier. It may take a bit longer for your circulation to fully improve but it will do just that within about 2 weeks. You’ll have less pain when walking and you’ll feel healthier overall.

Your clothes will smell fresher and you’re hair will stay clean longer. You’ll be feeling so much healthier by now that you’re not going to want to start smoking again. The benefits of using these methods to quit smoking are that you’re now a nonsmoker.

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