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The 5 Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking

concept of addiction.

Many smokers think of smoking as something they can start and stop, like a bad habit that can be kicked with enough positive thinking and willpower. A smoking habit is often much tougher to quit, though. Once the nicotine gets into someone’s brain, it digs its heels in and doesn’t want to get out without […]

Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

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Vaping is something that we’re passionate about, and one of the main reasons is because there is a lot of evidence that it may be a huge factor when it comes to helping smokers quit. Smoking has a lot of negative health benefits, and it greatly increases your chances of getting lung cancer and other […]

Secondhand Smoke vs Second Hand Vapor

woman vaping inside store

It might sound like cigarette smoke versus vapor are indistinguishable from each other, as the definitions for both simply state that it’s involuntary smoke that someone inhales from others. We’ve all dealt with secondhand cigarette smoke whether or not we have a smoker in our lives, and many probably think that inhaling a little is […]