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Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Vaping is something that we’re passionate about, and one of the main reasons is because there is a lot of evidence that it may be a huge factor when it comes to helping smokers quit. Smoking has a lot of negative health benefits, and it greatly increases your chances of getting lung cancer and other sorts of cancers. Vaping, on the other hand, has fewer risks and issues associated with it.

Why does vaping help with kicking the smoking habit? Here are a few of the reasons that research says that vaping has played a large role in reducing the number of smokers out there.

There is little to no pressure associated with going from smoking to vaping

One of the main reasons that people find it a lot easier to go from smoking to vaping is because of the lack of stress and pressure associated with it. Many people try to go the “cold turkey” route, or they try the patch or something similar, and there’s a lot of expectation that is associated with those processes.

The more pressure that you feel, the more anxiety that is associated with the process of quitting – and, as you know, you likely smoke as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. That means that it’s easier for you to fall back and go back to smoking as time goes on. When you switch from smoking to vaping, however, there are fewer expectations, which means that you’re a lot less likely to fail.

People enjoy vaping more

Vaping is a much more pleasant experience than smoking is. First, let’s look at the idea of juices. Many people don’t like the smell of smoke, and become desensitized to it over time. But, with e-juice for your vape or e-cig, you will be able to get any flavor and/or scent combination that you could imagine. They are always coming out with new things that you can try and you can find the flavors and scents that you like the most.

It’s a lot easier to vape than it is to smoke, as well. Think about it – if you’re being respectful to others in your home, you’re at work, or you’re visiting somewhere, you likely have to go outside in order to be able to smoke. If you vape, you may still have to go outside when you’re in public places, but the rules are usually more flexible for you. Not only that, but when you’re at home you can vape inside without worrying about getting that stale smell all over your furniture, your curtains, and your clothing.

There are some definite social benefits when it comes to enjoying what vaping has to offer, too. As we just mentioned, you aren’t going to have that stale cigarette smell all over you regularly. You can get your sense of smell back, which means that you’re going to taste and enjoy the foods that you eat a lot more. Your clothes are going to start to smell a lot better, and people will feel more comfortable visiting you as well. Who doesn’t want to have a better time when you go out? Vaping can make that a reality for you.

The patterns are similar

When you smoke, you have a way that you hold what you’re smoking, you go outside “for a smoke break” and you usually have your buddies that you get a smoke with, right? Those patterns are comfortable and they help to provide a sort of routine to your day. If you go to the patch or a pill, you usually stop those patterns in order to avoid temptation, and you can feel secluded and frustrated with “the new normal” that you’re trying to work through.

With the help of vaping, you can keep those patterns as a part of your routine. Sure, you may hold your e-cig or other vaping tool differently, but it’s still something that goes in your hand and that you breathe in. You, likely, still have to go outside with those same individuals that you’ve always gone outside with. The patterns stay the same, which makes the whole thing a lot easier and a lot more familiar than if you went about it in another fashion.

It provides you with the nicotine “hit”

This is one of the most obvious things and one that most smokers don’t think about consciously, but a big part of the habit is the body’s need for nicotine. Many people use it in order to self-medicate, whether they deal with a lot of stress or they’re trying to take care of depression or anxiety symptoms. But, nicotine is an addictive substance, and that means that you may deal with severe withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit.

Vaping provides you with that same sort of nicotine hit that you get from smoking combustible tobacco products that are out there. Your body is still getting the nicotine (in some cases, getting it in lower doses) and you’re still engaging in the patterns as listed above. So, as you get into the vaping and out of smoking, you will find that your body is not dealing with the withdrawal symptoms that you would have had to deal with had you completely quit or gone with the patch or another form of quitting.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that people find freedom from smoking because of the help of vaping. It can be a huge assist and give people the resources that they need to make kicking the habit simpler than ever. If you’ve been thinking about kicking the habit, it’s definitely worth a look. Consider finding an e-cig or vape that you enjoy, get juices that smell and taste good, and see what it is that you can do to make the experience that much more relaxing and enjoyable for you. It will make a difference and can help you to kick the habit over time.

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