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Five Easy Ways To Quit Smoking On A Budget

Many people want to quit smoking, but they don’t feel that they can afford the expensive methods to quit smoking. You can quit smoking on a budget and we’ll show you how. This easy to follow guide will give you five tips and tricks to quit smoking on a budget.

Make A Plan

Make a plan to become a non smoker. Set a date and continue to smoke up until that date. Many people plan it out so that they literally run out of cigarettes on the date that they plan to quit. A few will still have some cigarettes left over, if this is you, throw those out. You may need to write down ideas of what to do if you’re tempted and new rituals to do before bed and when you first get up in the morning. You’re not going to be a smoker and you’re going to enjoy better health and more money.

Smoke Your Last Cigarettes

When the date you plan to smoke your last cigarette arrives be sure that you quit. Even if you still have cigarettes left you need to smoke the last cigarette of the day and get rid of the rest of them. Remind yourself that you’re quitting for your own good. You’re not losing anything. You’re gaining good health and a fatter wallet by quitting smoking now. Don’t dwell on loss but dwell on gain.

Keep Busy

Many people associate their smoking with a morning cup of coffee or the last thing that they do before going to bed. The plan your morning coffee or what you do before bed. Create a new ritual that doesn’t involve having another cigarette.

Take some time and write this down if necessary. Your body is going to thank you as is your wallet. If you used to get up and smoke a cigarette to wake up, try getting up and taking a shower first thing. In short order you’ll break the mental association with your first cigarette of the day.

Don’t Give In To Temptation

No matter how tempted you are, don’t give in. The first few days are the most challenging as your body begins to heal and go through nicotine withdrawal. Remember, this won’t last long and you’re going to be okay, you’re also going to breathe better and have more money. Don’t smoke “Just one” for old times’ sake.

One will lead to another and so on. You don’t need it, you’re not a smoker and you’re not about to start now. If your friends offer you a cigarette, tell them, “No thanks, I don’t smoke”. They will actually envy you even if they tell you something like “you’ve always smoked” or “when did that happen”. You can tell them that you quit a while back. That is sufficient and you don’t have to get into a dialog about it.

Your New Life

Now that you’re a non smoker you’re going to be able to breathe better. You can enjoy more money because you’re not wasting it on something that is meaningless in your life. With new habits and more money you can afford to take up a new hobby or spend some time hiking or doing other things that you missed out on because you couldn’t get enough oxygen to enjoy them.

Many smokers have found that these budget tips have helped them to stop smoking and stay non smokers. You don’t have to go to an expensive clinic to stop smoking when you recognize that you’re not missing out on anything and that you’re actually saving money and feeling healthier.

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