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How To Quit Smoking The Old Fashioned Way

For many the idea of turning to supplements such as electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches or other such things is a real deterrent. For these people, the best option is simply to quit cold-turkey using nothing but good old fashioned willpower. Here are some tips on how to help you quit without the use of external supplements.

Stay Hydrated

Water isn’t a supplement, but it can have a lot of measurable effects on the rate of smoking cessation. Proper hydration is an essential part of quitting smoking, as it helps to push the nicotine out of your system as well as quashing food cravings, thereby helping you to avoid weight gain. It also has the added benefit of being a great way to keep your hands and lips busy, thereby weaning you off of the oral and manual fixations brought about by a smoking habit. Water is a perfectly safe and natural way to help get off of an addiction.

Focus On A Goal

With almost every smoker, there is a reason why they try to quit in the first place. Maybe it’s for themselves, maybe it’s for a loved one, or maybe it’s for their bank balance. Whatever the reason, focus on it. Keeping a clear goal in mind is the best way to ramp up willpower and keep you charging towards that goal. Keep a picture of that loved one around and look at it whenever you crave a cigarette, or simply think about all the money you will save if you don’t relapse. Whatever got you started, stick with it.

Don’t Go Near Cigarettes

I’m not just talking your own cigarettes. Sometimes, the single most detrimental thing to quitting attempts is being around smokers and cigarette smoke. The smell of smoke and the image of people smoking can push many back into the habit, breaking hours, days, weeks, months, and even years of hard work. If you can still feel a craving for cigarettes, avoid them at all costs. Try to stay away from smoking areas and the outside of bars to avoid being distracted by the scent of cigarette smoke.

Not Even Once

Many people who are attempting to quit can fool themselves into thinking they can have ‘just one more’ cigarette to stem the cravings and then they will quit for good. However, that one quickly turns into two, then a pack, then a full blown relapse. Nicotine is not a poison that plays nice, it will simply grab hold and put itself back into the driver’s seat as soon as it is given the chance. Do not kid yourself into thinking that you can stop at just one, simply do not give it the chance to get you back on the wagon.

Ask For Help

If you can feel your willpower starting to collapse or fail, tell somebody. Family, friends, and professional counselors can all help with making sure you don’t let yourself down by taking up the old habit again, and there is absolutely no shame in asking for help if you feel you need it. If you are trying to quit, you owe yourself every chance you can get to make sure you are successful, rather than giving in to pride or fear of embarrassment. Of course, quitting by willpower alone sounds like a fine boast, but it is far better to quit successfully than it is to quit impressively.

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