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The Top Reasons People Smoke

Very few smokers begin after the age of eighteen. Most smokers start in their early or mid-teens. Often, people don’t consider the dangers of smoking and the possibility that it will develop from a pastime to an addiction. The truth is that one can become addicted to nicotine within a very short time. Smokers regardless of age will develop the same dependence on nicotine and suffer the same …

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Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey Facts

No matter how you decided to quit smoking, it is a decision that takes great willpower and perseverance. However, this seems even more true when you make the decision to kick the habit “Cold Turkey.” Even though it seems like the hardest, it is still the most frequently used method when it comes to quitting smoking and with proper planning and a lot of strength and willpower …


What Does Nicotine Free Mean Anyway?

Nicotine is the primary substance that make cigarettes so addictive. The addictive nature of nicotine is almost unparalleled, as even the American Heart Association agrees that kicking a tobacco habit is one of the hardest things to do. That is why so many people opt to cut the nicotine out of their life completely. If the psychological addiction is still too strong, however, there are a variety …