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Quit Smoking By Using E-Cigs

As a long-term smoker, I have tried many times to quit smoking the cigarettes with varying levels of success. All efforts ultimately ended in failure when I eventually went back on the cigarettes again.

The frustration of failure used to make me feel very disappointed in myself. Every time I failed, I felt even more hopeless about my chances of quitting completely. I tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum and even went for hypnotherapy, all to no avail.


When e-cigs first came on the market, I was less than enthusiastic about them, thinking they would probably fail to help me quit completely. After many of my friends told me they had found e-cigs wonderful, I eventually decided to give them a shot. Ordered my e-cigs online and a few days later my package arrived. I decided immediately to stop smoking any normal cigarettes and just use the e-cigarettes.

I can happily report that almost three years later, but still not smoked a real cigarette. They have not managed to quit the nicotine habit completely, as I still use e-cigs. But I smoke them a lot less now than I did at the start. When I go out for a few beers with friends, or when I am totally stressed out. I hate flying, so I use them to relax me on flights.

The great thing about e-cigs is that you can use them in places where smoking is not allowed. That means when the desire to smoke hits you, you can “light up” your e-cigarette and get rid of the craving. This beats going outside a theater at the interval and puffing on two or three cigarettes in a row during the 15-minute break.

Reason Behind Physical Habit

One of the reasons I think e-cigs have helped me kick the habit is they not only satisfy the craving for nicotine, but they also satisfy the physical habit of holding a cigarette and moving it to your mouth. This means they offer a complete replacement therapy for smokers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending that people who want to quit smoking should give e-cigs a try. They are not cheap, but tobacco prices are rising all the time, and will probably cost as much as e-cigs in the future. Secondly, once you get off real cigarettes, you will probably find it is quite easy to cut down on the use of the e-cigs.  

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