While nicotine replacement therapies are great for people trying to wean themselves off their addiction, sometimes what you are looking for is a way to handle the psychological aspect of smoking or using tobacco. In those cases, you may want to find a way to quench your cravings, without introducing it into your day.

These are the top five nicotine-free options for those looking for the experience– but not the addiction.

E-Cigarette Liquid

four bottles of flavor for electronic cigarette, in different colors (3d render)While e-cigarettes can be used with nicotine, there are plenty of e-liquids that come with none at all. The beauty of using an e-cigarette is how it can give you a familiar and satisfying experience that is comparable to the sensation of smoking a real cigarette.

With e-cigarettes, however, you can completely cut out the tobacco, and through the variety of options of e-liquids on the marketplace they will still provide you with an enjoyable experience. Due to the immense options, you will find you have more opportunities to find the right flavor with zero nicotine. And a device that will satisfy your cravings best to give you the psychological satisfaction that you will be missing when you give up traditional smoking.

Herbals Cigarettes

Herbals cigarettes are a good step in the right direction and an increasingly popular nicotine-free option for those looking to eliminate the addiction and harmful chemical substances from their life. They can provide an enjoyable smoking experience with that strong throat hit that traditional smokers are seeking and craving.

There are many tobacco-free, herbal blends and flavors out there to choose from like rose petal, cherry, vanilla, strawberry and menthol to name just a few, all without the addictive nature of traditional smokes. This allows the smoking of herbal blends to become more of a special occasion, an experience to enjoy on special occasions, rather than something you have to do as a result of a nagging addiction.

Coffee Snus & Pouches

The effects of caffeine are often compared to the effects of the old fashioned nicotine heavy Snus and has a remarkably similar flavor of traditional chewing tobacco. Coffee snus and pouches are a very popular alternative for people who have grown accustomed to using traditional chewing tobacco or snuff products.

There are tea options available as well, but coffee snus and pouches are a more attractive option and more widely available. These newer products are especially popular with professional athletes and military personnel looking to step away from the harmful effects of traditional Snus and pouches and kick the habit for good.

Herbal Shisha

Hydro-Herbal-Hookah-Shisha1-150x150As we all know, smoking traditional hookah tobacco has become a popular and enjoyable pastime. Tobacco and nicotine-free Herbal Shisha blends are no exception and have been significantly increasing in popularity in recent years, especially in the social settings of shisha and hookah clubs. However, that doesn’t mean you need to forgo the fun and social camaraderie just to avoid the harmful addiction.

Today, there are several blends of flavorful, high quality and enjoyable alternatives to the traditional shisha tobacco. With flavors such as chocolate, molasses as well as countless fruit combinations like peach, black cherry or mango. Herbal shisha blends will provide all the entertainment you are looking for, without the addictive qualities of traditional hookah tobacco products.

Herbal Smokeless Blends

coffee-snussLoose herbal snuff or tobacco and nicotine-free pouches or SNUs are another increasingly popular option. Those looking to replace traditional snuff or smokeless tobacco that give them a similar and enjoyable experience and mouthfeel that they are looking for but without the harmful chemicals and addictive nature of traditional smokeless tobaccos.

They contain all natural, herbal and in many cases, organic ingredients like spearmint, coffee and green tea for example that give you that familiar mouth feel and satisfying kick of old fashioned smokeless products, to help curb your habit and kick the addiction of traditional Snus and loose leaf blends to the curb.